Unless Season 1 is a game-changer, Diablo 4 has become an even tougher job

The big Diablo 4 Season 1 patch arrived yesterday and the response was rough. Not sure if these were justified comments or just general internet outrage, I scoured the patch notes, soaked up the forum chat, and jumped into the game itself to get a feel for things as we head into Season 1. The result? Yes, the feedback is very negative, but for understandable reasons, I think.

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What’s better: Going to the roof, or one in the bedroom?

Last time, you decided that breech-loading grenade launchers were better than creating blueprints. Ruin on creation. Mayhem on the order. Destruction on the structure. This week, I ask you to choose between joyful intrusion and shrewd preparation. What’s better: going to the roof, or one in the bedroom?

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Remnant 2 review: Fast-paced, brutal combat meets procedural dimension-hopping in this ambitious sequel

Remnant II has a lot of moments that will have you saying things that aren’t suitable for children’s ears. Then again, given the mild horror themes in many levels and the general terror that the excellent enemy design invokes, you probably shouldn’t play it around kids in the first place. As a fan of this sequel’s predecessor, Remnant: From The Ashes, my hopes were unreasonably high, and not only did Remnant II completely meet my expectations, but it kept messing with what I thought. should to be waiting. It left me in a constant state of awe. It’s a furiously ambitious follow-up and has everything I could have wished for.

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Exoprimal Review: Dinosaur killer fun for some, repeat boring for most

I thought Exoprimal succeeded in creating dinosaurs against mechs, which is to say the coolest concept ever, boring in my current review. I held out hope that it would improve, however, as many reviewers assured me that its fun side would finally surface. “Just play several more hours and things really open up! Variety in dinos, in modes, in just about everything!”. To some extent, they were right. There are some fun times to be had when queuing for Dino Survival and suddenly, remarkably, things have changed a bit.

But the game does not respect your time. It forces you to spend hours killing repetitive dinosaurs and then only gives you luck, chance to kill dinos in ways that aren’t excruciatingly identical. Even as someone having fun in senseless carnage, I’d much rather ditch my robot costume and let the dinosaurs run wild. Dinosaurs don’t deserve this.

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Xenonauts 2 and its rude scientist won me over immediately

It’s a universally recognized truth that when aliens threaten to exterminate your home, only the world’s most insufferable and unhinged scientists can help save the day. XCOM knows it, and now Xenonauts 2 is following suit. For example, your man up there. Look at that smug mullet and his unimpressed raised eyebrow. It doesn’t give two boos that you’re here to save the world from extinction, leading (probably multiple) teams of nine brave (unwitting) souls into the unknown (ie: repeated death by alien overwatch). He has research to do. Organs to marinate. Splicing dead alien carcasses. Yeah, the same ones you literally strapped into your troops’ tactical belts on the last mission so you could take them home. We had stinky brain monsters wrapped around our chests, man! The least you can do is condescend to make us a good cup of tea on our return. Honestly. You can’t get staff these days…

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Wandering Village’s adorable giant tortoise heads to the ocean with today’s big update

Wandering Village already had a great pitch: it’s a city-builder where you build your village on the back of a huge, heavy rock-turtle-dragon creature. This terrain gets even stronger with today’s update, as our giant friend (Onbu) takes the village on his back (the human lice) into the ocean. According to developers Stray Fawn Studio, the ocean update is the game’s biggest yet and adds new buildings, decorations, random events and, of course, the titular ocean biome.

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Vote now for this year’s RPS 100: Reader Edition

The RPS 100 is our annual countdown to our all-time favorite PC games, and this year we’re finally doing it at a reasonable time – in this semi-silent lull between notE3 and Gamescom, and definitely not in October, when it’s the real silly season for end-of-year releases. And like last year, we’re bringing back our Readers Edition so you too can join in the never-ending debate over which is the number one good PC game of all time. So vote now for your favorite PC games of all time, to be published in a separate list that will be yours and yours alone. Here’s how to get involved.

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11 pairs of cat breeds that no one could confuse

Unlike a lot of animals that humans have domesticated, like dogs and cattle, cats domesticated themselves. We co-existed for years before the felines chose us, forever. Of course, today, we can’t imagine our life without cats. And cat owners will tell you, each cat has a distinct personality. But some breeds look so much alike, it’s difficult to tell them apart. We at Bright Side are cat fans too, … Read more

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